Any class on our schedule!  Each class has a SAFE choreographed format, designed for EVERY fitness level.

Leggings are most comfortable with a crop or tank + sneakers.

Register on our website or click the link that takes you to MINDBODY. Downloading the MINDBODY app is the easiest way to schedule  + purchase your classes!

We recommend arriving at Cycology 15 minutes before your class start time. Getting to know our studio, our instructors and basic bike set up will make your first ride with us safe, comfortable and fun. Being early is important because our cycle room lights dim +  doors close at class start times on our schedule.

Your first class will be a rush! The lingo, energy and choreography will be very new to you and it's always okay to skip anything you aren't comfortable with. Feeling sore after class is normal and taking another class soon after, may actually break up the soreness and make you more comfortable. We promise by your 3rd class, you will feel so much stronger!

Plenty of water, a small towel + and if you like to track your workouts, your smart watch.

As you make Cycology part of your weekly workouts, we usually recommend 2 or 3 classes per week. Depending on how often you cross train, and how fast you want results, you may choose to take more classes per week.  Your results become addicting but always remember rest days are just as important.

At Cycology, you are always in control of your resistance, pace + ride intensity.  Our instructors are motivators who bring amazing positive energy into our cycle room every single class! We truly want you to feel as comfortable as possible + encourage you to take every class at your own pace.